Sunday, June 28, 2020

Welcome to On Target NW, Inc.

I welcome you to my website and invite you to look around and hopefully take advantage of my professional one-on-one or small group training. I provide expert personal protection and/or firearm training that is taught in a family friendly, non-intimidating manner, (without the ego-charged environment that sometimes exists in other courses).

I am currently offering special course pricing for women and youth training - Please call to discuss your training needs and obtain a quote for your course.

I understand that owning a firearm can be intimidating or unsettling at first if you are a new shooter.  I understand that most people prefer one-on-one training when they are novices because training in front of others may be uncomfortable at first. 

I also understand that it can be frustrating going into a gun store to purchase a firearm if you do not know the "lingo" that is spoken there.  I guarantee that I will teach you what you need to know to make an educated selection of a new firearm and any related equipment that goes with the purchase (I will even go with you to the gun store if you wish).  After the purchase, I will make sure that you are familiar and comfortable with your firearm of choice by course end.

Whether a novice or expert shooter, I believe that every firearm owner has the responsibility to know and understand the laws governing firearm ownership and usage in their jurisdiction.  Each of my courses include live-fire training and a module on the firearm laws pertaining to ownership and self-defense in Oregon.  These modules are intended to give new and experienced shooters the skills and information they will need to make the critical decisions that are necessary to be a responsible gun owner in a self defense encounter.  In addition, the self defense module will teach the right and wrong things to do in the aftermath of a self defense event, which may make the difference in you having a successful outcome, versus potentially going to prison.

Thank you for visiting my site.   Please read through each page and course description for detailed information about my offered training and other important subjects. My goal is to positively change the image of gun ownership in America.  Please call now to schedule your course.