On Target NW Philosphy - Why We Exist


In 2008, after much persuasion, my wife agreed to take a concealed handgun license (CHL) course.  Though she was a decent shooter, she had reservations about carrying concealed.  It was critical for her safety and peace-of-mind, for my wife to overcome her apprehension about carrying a concealed handgun. 

We decided upon a course offered at a local shooting range.  The big day came and about two hours into the four-hour class, my wife called me in tears and ordered me to come pick her up immediately!  She hated the class.  She was totally intimidated by the testosterone infused, macho attitude of the off-duty law enforcement officer who instructed the course.  It was pretty clear that the instructor had a negative attitude about women with guns.

Risking my future relationship with my dear wife, I convinced her to stay and complete the class.  She reluctantly did so and was issued a certificate.  With this certificate she obtained her CHL.  However, due to the short-comings of the course, she still did not feel prepared to carry.  It was not until I trained her adequately that she finally did carry.

Recognizing the need for family friendly personal protection and firearms training without "the attitude", On Target NW, Inc. was born.  During our courses, you will be treated with respect at all times and the courses will be tailored to your experience level.  You will learn the things you need to know to meet your specific needs with confidence, whether it is self-protection or recreational shooting sports. 

Training Note: Since we started training, the majority of our students have been woman.  It has been observed that the women consistently outshoot the men in our courses.  Just a fair warning men, if your ego is easily bruised, you may want to send the lady in your life to On Target NW with her girlfriends and schedule a separate course for yourself!  You may also be surprised that the ladies like the "big guns" just as much as we do... you will wind up packing the pink "mouse gun" after she walks away with your .45 ACP... fair warning.

On Target NW specializes in small groups (3 to 4 students ideally), and private one-on-one instruction, when actual shooting is a part of the course.  If the course is 100% classroom based or does not require shooting, On Target NW will teach larger groups.  I will also gladly come to your location to deliver the classroom portion of the course if it is more convenient for larger groups.

Again, you will never be intimidated or belittled in any way by your instructor.  You will never be forced to listen to ego-charged "war stories".   All levels of experience are welcome. Whether you are a new shooter or you are a seasoned shooter that just needs to fine-tune your skills, you will always have the level of understanding and personal attention you will need to complete your course with confidence.

Your instructor will use easy to understand terminology that will put you at ease as you become familiar with your firearm system of choice.  It is my promise that by the end of the course you will have all of your questions answered and you will gain an appropriate level of efficiency and confidence for the course level that you are attending.

On Target NW believes that our most sacred right as law-abiding citizens of the United States of America is the right to bear arms.  It is our goal to successfully teach as many students as possible to be responsible gun owners and shooting sport enthusiasts.