A Critical Message About Online Concealed Carry Courses

Recently, a few online Oregon Concealed Carry courses have become available on the internet. We have reviewed these courses and have found them to be severely lacking in the training that we feel is critical to understand if a responsible gun owner is to make the correct decisions, prior to, and during the aftermath of a self defense encounter.

While the courses we have watched technically cover the basic and very minimal requirements for the Oregon Concealed Carry application (they teach the basics of gun safety), they are severely lacking in that there is no face-to-face, hands on training between the student and the instructor.  There is no way to ask questions during the videos. The videos we watched fail to mention some of the critical fundamentals of shooting, and quickly skim over the ones that are mentioned. One video was riddled with errors that could lead to a critical failure in a self defense encounter. One video contained information that is considered outdated and no longer recommended and even incorrectly identified the technique by name.

In addition, there is no discussion of the Oregon rules and statutes that pertain to gun ownership and self defense. We feel this is potentially the most critical shortcoming of the online training. In the current political climate, it is critical that a responsible gun owner be trained in the critical decision making skills that will be necessary to make the life and death decisions needed to have a chance at a successful outcome in a self defense encounter. This includes knowing how to handle the immediate and long-term aftermath of the encounter - Such things as: What to say or not to say to responding law enforcement officers, 911 operators, emergency responders, the press, etc., that may make the difference in your acquittal, or being wrongfully convicted; What legal protections need to be in place before an encounter; What you will need to know about how it may change your life forever, and how that may impact your decision making process prior to an encounter; and many other critical items that make a self defense encounter one of the most critical situations you may ever face in your life.

Lastly, during a self defense encounter, a crime has been committed by someone (either you or the alleged attacker), and it is critical that you are able to defend your innocence before a judge or a jury. During the aftermath of a self defense encounter, if you find yourself in court defending your actions, your training will be called into question by the prosecution. Consider the difference in the potential outcome if all you have to show is a certificate issued by an unknown video instructor who cannot verify that you even watched the 30-40 minute video, or personally completed the final exam prior to paying the fee for the certificate - versus at least 8-10 hours of hands-on professional instruction by an NRA Certified Instructor, including 3-4 hours of live fire training and a module on the Oregon laws and responsibilities related to self defense - a certificate personally issued and signed by an instructor who will, personally testify on your behalf in a court of law about your training, if necessary.

In conclusion, the old adage of, "you can pay me now, or you can pay me later" certainly applies in the case of you being adequately trained and prepared to carry concealed and using that privilege responsibly in a self defense encounter. You can take the short cut and pay $39-$79 for 40 minutes of video training, or pay $200 for 9-10 hours of in-depth hands on private training. There is a reason why the NRA mandates at least 8 hours of training to complete the Basic Pistol Course and does not allow any online training of their courses.The choice is yours.

One last thought: Your actions, good or bad; right or wrong; have an impact on all gun owners everywhere. In this age of instant information and global sharing, what you do will be seen by all and judged in the court of public opinion before the gun smoke clears the air. Make the decision now to be trained properly and continue to train regularly.

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